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Grammy and Brit Award nominated Zoo Brazil, aka John Andersson, has released over 160 singles and 8 albums under various pseudonyms, in the process carving out a reputation as one of dance music’s most innovative and respected producers and DJs.

‘Any Moment Now’ is the follow up to his last album ‘Please Don’t Panic’ and the mix compilation ‘Songs For Clubs’ released in 2012.

Zoo Brazil has just released the first in a three part series of videos for some of the album’s singles. The video for recent single, ‘Give Myself’ (featuring Ursula Rucker) begins the ‘Desert Girls’ trilogy that was shot on location in California earlier this year and takes the theme and narrative of a road trip through the state’s desert landscape. The trilogy was directed and produced by DJay Brawner, who wanted to “pay a loose homage to Easy Rider with two female leads”.

Zoo Brazil explained:
“I’ve always wanted to do a short film to accompany my music, and this idea finally came to life after a meeting with Arny Bink from Black Hole – almost 3 years ago now, and before a single note was written for the album. After a few hectic – and wonderful moments – in California we’re ready to unleash it to the world”.

The album ‘Any Moment Now’ and the first single, ‘Give Myself’, are available now on Magik Muzik.

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